What are the benefits of a Robot Mower?

The market for robotic mowers has exploded in recent years.

The rise of robotic lawn mowers is enjoying great popularity among more and more hobby gardeners – and rightly so.

Compared to other lawn mowers, robots have many advantages. Lawn maintenance becomes child’s play.

More and more families are buying a robot. This is certainly not only due to a love of smart technology, which is now integrated into countless devices, but also due to the many advantages of a robotic mower over other types of lawn mowers. Lawn maintenance is almost automatic, the quality of the lawn is getting better and better, and the machines also require little maintenance.

But that’s not all…

1. Quieter than a regular lawn mower

A lawn mower is known as the device that can annoy the whole neighbourhood. With a noise level of between 80 and dB, the possible use times are also limited, so as not to violate local noise protection regulations.

A robotic mower does things differently. The quietest models produce less than 60 dB and are barely audible from a few feet away. Theoretically, it can therefore also be used in the evenings and at weekends.

2. Easy operation.

A robotic mower only needs to be installed once before it can be put into use. Once the boundary wire is in place, all you have to do is adjust the cutting height and the desired mowing times. With a touch screen on the device or via a Bluetooth connection with the robot, this is done in a few minutes.

Setting mowing times provides flexibility so that the robotic mower can mow the lawn in the morning, for example, while you are at work. After work, you can enjoy the perfectly manicured lawn.

Thanks to the practical network connection via a GSM module (for the pro models), it is even possible to spontaneously change the mowing times if guests are coming or bad weather is forecasted.

The one-off costs in comparison to other types of lawn are thereby recouped in a short time.

3. Same high quality all the time

Robotic mowers are known for their precise mowing. The units’ blades gently cut the ends of the grass, whereas most conventional lawn mowers tend to ‘knock’ them off with their blades. As a result, the cut is particularly clean, as the stalks do not fray or develop brown tips.

Another advantage is that there are robot models with a floating mowing deck.

It follows the surface of the ground, even if it is uneven, and always ensures an even cut, even on difficult terrain.

The particularly large terrain wheels ensure optimum grip and prevent the robot from getting stuck on lawns just by driving over small holes.

4. Minimal maintenance

Compared to conventional manual lawn mowers, where filters need to be changed and oil needs to be refilled, the maintenance needs of robotic mowers are low.

Apart from the regular cleaning required for any type of lawn mower, the only maintenance required is the occasional replacement of the blades.

5. A bright and healthy lawn

A robotic mower helps to improve the quality of the lawn in the long run. Regular mowing makes the lawn grow very dense. At the same time, the weeds are less likely to spread, resulting in a uniform pattern.


Mulching also provides an important contribution to lawn maintenance. The robotic mower does not pick up grass clippings like most other lawn mowers, but leaves the cut culms directly on the lawn. In a short time, they will rot away there and fertilise the soil naturally. This also means that there are no grass clippings left to throw away.

At the same time, the mulch helps prevent the soil from drying out slowly in summer.

This saves time as you do not have to water the lawn that often.

6. You don't have to do your own work anymore

The biggest advantage of a robotic mower is probably the time it saves on lawn maintenance. After the one-time installation and the placement of the boundary wire, the device does its work independently and also controls the charging station completely autonomously. Especially for large gardens, there is enough spare time if the lawn does not need to be mowed a few hours every week.

Models with an edge-cutting function and a suitable design for the lawn edges even make it unnecessary to trim the edges later. This is also an advantage over conventional mowers, where you inevitably have to correct lawn edges and spend a lot of valuable time working.

Finally, it also reduces the time you need to fertilize the lawn. Lawn mulch is used as a natural fertilizer so that fertilization intervals can be shortened.

A robotic mower basically allows you to have more time for nice(r) things – and always have a sleek and healthy lawn.

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