What are the 5 most important features when choosing a robotic mower?

Not all robotic mowers are the same. The features differ not only in surface performance, battery capacity and cutting heights, but also in technology, controls and the sensors used for navigation. But which of these features are really important for everyday use and which are less so?

Feature 1: easily replaceable parts

A robotic mower simplifies lawn care in many ways. Not only does it take less time to mow the lawn, but the grass clippings also reduce the need for fertilizer. To minimize the amount of time spent maintaining the robotic mower, we recommend robotic mowers where you can maintain common wear parts such as the blades yourself in a few minutes without the help of many different tools. A click system is particularly easy to use and changing the blades is truly child’s play.

Incidentally, a grass clippings remover is equally useful, as it significantly reduces the amount of cleanup work because the cutting deck is kept clean directly as it is cut, resulting in significantly less grass clippings accumulating.

robomow parts
robomow mowing blade

Feature 2: which edge cutting technology

A robotic lawn mower provides valuable lawn care assistance. But often a strip is left at the edges that the robotic mower cannot reach. Despite all the time savings, trimming with the grass trimmer is still usually one of the tedious chores of garden owners.

This can be solved by robotic mowers equipped with a practical edge cutting function. On these models, the blades extend beyond the wheelbase, so that edges along flat lawn edges in particular are cut completely without the need for further trimming. This saves even more time in which to enjoy the garden to the full

Characteristic 3: Noise (whisper quiet)

Whether you want the robotic lawn mower to work while you are in the garden or whether it is better not to disturb the neighbors with the noise of a lawn mower: in any case, it is convenient to have a robot that is hardly noticed even during operation, because it works in a whisper-quiet manner. This is especially true for models with 65 dB and below.

Feature 4: Operation (mobile app)

Whether it’s the initial startup, changes to the mowing schedule, or simply navigating the robotic mower manually from your lounger to another area – operating the device should be as simple and convenient as possible. While a clear touch screen still requires operation directly on the device, for a function that works through an app, it is sufficient that you are near the robotic mower so that a connection can be established via bluetooth. If the robotic mower is also equipped with a smartphone module, controlling it becomes even easier. Here you can even easily reprogram the robot from anywhere and at any time, even from your beach vacation.

Feature 5: Adjustment of different cutting heights

Playing lawn or ornamental lawn – the first mowing in spring after the winter or the last, especially deep mowing before the winter both go together with very different mowing heights. Not every robotic mower has versatile settings for maximum length. Instead, the cutting height of many models is limited to 60 millimeters – which can be especially problematic in the spring, if you don’t want to resort to the classic lawn mower. By choosing a model with a wide variety of cutting heights, you’ll always be on the safe side and have the flexibility you need at any time of year.

adjust cutting height

These properties depend on your own garden

While these five features are important for any robotic mower, there are other features that depend on the layout of your garden.

Surface performance Depending on the size of your lawn to be mowed, the robotic mower should have the right area capacity to mow the lawn in the set time.
Slope In gardens with slopes, the robotic mower should be designed for the existing slope.
Gps function The GPS equipment not only improves theft protection, but also simplifies positioning in large gardens. Some models even use GPS to optimize the route, which increases their efficiency.
Cutting width The cutting width is directly related to the area performance. Large area robotic lawn mowers work more efficiently with a larger cutting width. In small gardens, a narrow cutting width is useful so that robotic mowers are as maneuverable as possible.
Programmable cutting times If you want to make your job easier and don’t want to manually start and stop the robotic mower all the time, look out for the programmable mowing time feature. This means that the unit starts and stops its mowing process automatically without any further intervention.
360° or camera sensors The latest generation of robotic mowers is equipped with an all-round sensor that detects obstacles at a distance or at the slightest touch and changes direction at an early stage. Especially when children or animals are around, this function contributes to further safety in operation.

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