Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

On this page you will find the general terms and conditions, which apply to deliveries and services
by Mowrobotics specialist.

Article 1: Mowrobotics specialist
Mowrobotics specialist
Geurdeland 17th
6673 DR Andelst
Email: info@mowroboticsspecialist.nl

Article 2: Applicability
2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, quotations and services and to
all agreements for the execution of work and/or of purchase and sale by Mowrobotics
specialist, hereinafter referred to as “the user”.
The client/buyer shall hereinafter be referred to as “the other party”.
2.2 Terms and conditions stated otherwise shall only form part of the agreement concluded between parties
if and insofar as both parties have expressly agreed so.
2.3 Acceptance and retention of a quotation or order confirmation by the other party
without comment shall be considered as agreement to its applicability.
2.4 The user reserves the right to change the contents of these terms and conditions
at any time chosen by us.

Article 3: Electronic communication
3.1 When the other party gives an order, the user acknowledges that electronic
communication may serve as evidence.
3.2 When placing an order with user, the other party acknowledges that electronic
communication may serve as evidence.

Article 4: Conclusion of the agreement and termination of the agreement
4.1 The agreement between the user and the other party is concluded when the user
(after correctly filling in and sending the data required by the other party)
for delivery and invoicing/payments) sends a confirmation of receipt to the other party.
This is done via electronic communication or, in other words, e-mail.
4.2 The other party may return the ordered products within 7 days without
specifying any reasons.
4.3 The user guarantees that the products and services delivered correspond
to what is offered and described on the user’s site.
4.4 If products and services do not comply with what the user offers and advertises on its site
the other party is authorised to return the
items to the user’s address. The other party shall then be entitled to a refund of
the purchase price (minus the costs referred to in Article 6) or to repair, replacement
or delivery of missing parts.
4.5 The agreement may be dissolved if there are doubts about the
other party’s creditworthiness; the user may dissolve
the agreement without stating any reason.
4.6 Termination of the agreement is possible if the maximum delivery period of 30
days is exceeded by the user. The other party must make this known by
by e-mail or in writing by post. There are no costs involved.

Article 5: Returns and refunds
5.1 Return shipments are understood to mean all products that are returned.
5.2 Items offered for return shipment will be inspected by
user for defects or missing parts within 24 hours.
5.3 The costs of (return) transport / delivery shall be borne by the other party.
5.4 The cost of repairing and/or replacing the original packaging shall be borne by
the other party.
5.5 The risk of damage or loss during the return shipment shall be borne by
the other party. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with user. If an
article is delivered to the other party in a faulty condition, the other party
must inform the user accordingly before returning the item.
5.6 If the other party is demonstrably guilty of missing articles and/or
damage to the contents of the return consignment, then rescission of the contract of sale will not
be possible.

Article 6: Refund of purchase price
If both parties have agreed that the contract shall be dissolved and
other party requests a refund of the purchase price, user shall comply to this within a
reasonably acceptable period of time to the other party’s account. Minus the costs which
are mentioned in articles 5.3 to 5.6 of these terms and conditions, as well as the costs of transport or shipping.

Article 7: Repair and/or delivery of missing parts
If products are not delivered in their entirety or not according to the description, the
other party may request for repair or subsequent delivery. Provided that the procedure is followed
which is described in article 8.1 to 8.5, the costs of this shall be for the account of the user.

Article 8: Deliveries and delivery complaints
8.1 The user strives for a delivery time of 3 weeks, after
receiving the payment and/or approval by the payment and/or credit card company.
8.2 All articles that dispatched directly from the warehouse to the other party,
are subject to an inspection for quality and content. The risk of damage etc.
during transport shall be borne by the carrier.
8.3 The other party guarantees to the user that the products delivered are checked for content
and quality within a period of 24 hours.
8.4 Complaints about delivery, content or quality must be reported immediately to the user
by telephone or e-mail. After this telephone report, the other party shall
confirm the complaint in writing within the set period of 7 days after receiving the products.
8.5 After reporting a complaint both by telephone and in writing (or e-mail), the other party will
always follow the instructions of the user.

Article 9: Packaging during deliveries / transport
9.1 It is the user who decides on the type of packaging material to be used
during return shipments.
9.2 It is the user who decides which carrier will deliver the ordered items.

Article 10: Warranties
10.1 All products and services offered on the website/shop of the
user are subject to the guarantees provided by the manufacturer of the products.
10.2 Unless it is a matter of gross negligence or misconduct, the user is not liable
for any consequential and/or trading loss, caused by: (unprofessional) use, diseases
and/or pests or faulty articles.
10.3 The User is not liable for any damage caused if the site is temporarily not
accessible and/or available for orders.
10.4 The other party is responsible for the choice, use and application of the items ordered.

Article 11: Prices and images
All prices quoted are in euros, incl. VAT and possible disposal fee.
Images correspond as closely as possible to the original article to be delivered.
However, (colour) differences can never be entirely excluded.

Article 12: Reservation of ownership
12.1 If the other party has fulfilled its obligations towards the user,
the other party is the legal owner of the purchased items.
12.2 If the other party is unable to meet its obligations towards user, the
articles ordered shall be immediately due and payable by the user.
The other party may not encumber, sell, deliver or dispose of the ordered items
before the obligations towards users have been fulfilled.

Article 13: Payments
13.1 If user allows the other party to buy “on account” or cash on delivery
a different term of payment than the one stated in these terms and conditions shall apply.
Other conditions shall always remain in force
13.2 If an invoice is not paid to user within the stipulated period,
interest shall be charged on the total amount of the invoice from the time of overdue payment
at a rate of 2% per month. Whereby a partial month shall be regarded as a full month.
13.3 If, after repeated reminders from the other party, user deems it necessary
to take collection and/or enforcement measures, all costs for these
judicial and extrajudicial measures shall be for the account of the other party. The other party shall owe an amount of 10% of the principal sum and interest on arrears for extrajudicial costs, with an absolute minimum of € 75.
Note: By direct debit and credit card payments the full invoice amount, i.e. 100% of the purchase price, will be charged or debited.
In the case of payments by means of giro slips and the like, the user may demand (full) payment from the other party.

Article 14: Other provisions
Our offers, agreements and conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law.
For further information regarding these conditions, please contact the Mowrobotics specialist team.