Rent a cable laying machine
on battery

Use our electric cable laying machine and install your robotic mower yourself.
With our cable laying machine, you can effortlessly lay up to 420 metres of boundary wire within half an hour. There is no odour or noise from a revving petrol engine, which is often the case with other cable laying machines.

Temporarily for only €99,- per day!

The most important

Simply book the cable laying machine using the booking form on this page. Your reservation is final when we have confirmed it by e-mail or telephone.

  • Quiet in operation
  • No stench from petrol engine
  • Lays the boundary wire 4 to 7 centimetres deep
  • Lays the wire up to 15cm from an upright edge
  • Weighs only 35kg
  • Strong blades made of hardened steel
  • Lays up to 14 meters per minute
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Please note: due to its weight, the cable laying machine can only be picked up at our showroom in Andelst. We ask you to pay a deposit of €250 upon collection. This amount will be refunded after returning the machine.