Robomow RT300 Robotic Mower


About the RT300
The RT 300 is designed to take the work off your hands, leaving you time to enjoy your garden. The robotic mower is easy to use, suitable for all terrains and effortlessly creates a garden you can be proud of.

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RT300: Less work, more fun with Robomow.

Your garden deserves the very best grass.

Robomow has used over 25 years of extensive experience in robotic technology to bring you the latest and greatest in lawnmower technology.
With Robomow you can create a lawn for every occasion, be it for the latest football tricks or a game of badminton. Robomow provides the perfect green blanket to lounge on and enjoy the starry sky. Or what about a nice green lawn for the next barbecue?

Whatever the occasion, let Robomow do its work so you can enjoy fun activities with family and friends.

Stay connected with the Robomow App

Control everything with your phone via Bluetooth

Control from your phone

  • Return to Base Station
  • Set mowing times
  • Manage multiple zones
  • Control manually
  • Ideal for mowing between plots


  • Charging status
  • Departure times
  • Operational and Security Alerts*
  • Optional: security message 5 minutes before automatic departure.

* Subject to your approval, alerts are sent as push notifications to your mobile device.

MyRobomow web app

Weekly program
Choose the days and times that best suit your lawn and your family.

RT 300, the gardener’s best friend

The RT 300 is designed to take the work out of your hands, leaving you with time to enjoy your garden. It is easy to use, suitable for all terrains and effortlessly creates a garden you can be proud of.

Recommended lawn area[m2] : up to 300 m2

This mower is equipped with a larger 4.3Ah long-life battery.


  • A floating deck mows any terrain flawlessly, providing excellent mowing results time after time
  • The patented high-traction all-terrain wheels drive smoothly and efficiently over any type of lawn
  • Set your mower to the desired setting via the mobile app
  • Thanks to the ability to mow on slopes of 30%, uneven surfaces are a piece of cake for the RT 300
  • The drive motor and on-board technology make the RT a quiet mower
  • In the unlikely event that your mower no longer mows properly, you can easily replace the parts yourself
  • With the patented mulch cleaner, the RT is self-cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.
  • High, compact grass is easily mown with a cutting height of up to 60 mm
  • Patented mowing system for a great mowing result
Model Number 22ATBABB619
Maximum lawn area in m2 up to 300 m2
Cutting width (cm) 18 cm
Cutting height (mm) 15-60mm
Sub-zones/departure points 2
Separated zones 2
Wire (m) 125 meters
Number of wire pins 150
Maximum slope mowing zone 30% (16.5 degrees)
Maximum wire slope 10% (11 degrees)
Sound level (dB) Eco 64dB — High power 67.9 dB — guaranteed 69 db
Mowing time (min) 75 minutes
Charging time (min) 180 minutes
Installation material
Battery type Li-ion
battery capacity 4.3 Ah
Energy consumption (kWh/month) 6 kWh per month
Theft protection
mowing schedule
Modular design
Floating Mower Deck
Bluetooth (BLE)
Mulch cleaner
GSM module not included (available)
Robohome not included (available)
Guarantee 3 years


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